Operating out of a well-equipped research and manufacturing facility, OxiScience pursues original scientific concepts to solve pervasive malodor and microbially generated problems affecting everyday life at household and institutional levels.


The company establishes IP by patenting and know how, leading to proprietary products introduced to marketplaces either directly or via online and offline channel partners. In addition, OxiScience licenses its IP to manufacturers whose capabilities may be the best fit with production needs.

Combined technical insights with product development expertise, OxiScience has released several lines of NonScents products for pet care and home care. Our flagship products, the Cat Litter Deodorizer is the best-selling item on Amazon in its category.

While current product development is focused on consumer goods, we know that the challenge of odor control goes beyond pet care and home care. Our R&D team is busy working on personal care solutions as well as products for industrial and institutional uses.

The Founders

Simon Johnston

Simon Johnston

Chairman of Board

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

The OxiScience Management Team

Joshua Johnston

Joshua Johnston

Chief Executive Officer

craig headshot

Craig Stoller

Chief Operating Officer

OxiScience Team 2018

Alex Masters

Product Development Chemist