Deodorizing Service

OxiScience, an innovation company specializing in odor control, is now offering EverfreshAir Deodorizing Service, an industrial odor control solution that combines our patented technology with state of the art delivery system. It's ideally suited for used cars, RVs, boats, as well as smoked-in hotel rooms, homes with pets, nursing homes and other areas containing strong, difficult to remove odors.

Technology Proven in the Consumer Sector

The same patented technology has been proven with hundreds of thousands Amazon consumers under the company brand NonScents. Our new spray system converts the EverfreshAir liquid into nano spray particles. This delivery system enhances the coverage of complex surfaces and improves the effectiveness and persistence of our odor control products, eliminating odors at the molecular level.

Fast, Economical and 100% Guaranteed

The EverfreshAir Deodorizing Service allows for a very economical, fast and complete coverage for any tough odor problem. Results are unconditionally guaranteed.

Try the EverfreshAir Deodorizing Service for Your RV and Trailers!

Our Price List

Vehicle Size

Regular Price

Introductory Special

over 35 ft

$349 $299

15 ft-35 ft

$249 $199

under 15 ft and autos

$149 $99

If interested, please contact Simon Johnston at 425-777-5488.